~BOOK 1~


Kassius Kanex loves his home and family but hates his job and wants to quit. A chance meeting with strange men looking for directions inspires a change in Kass. He is led down a new path that not only rescues him from his perceived career imprisonment, but also leads to the fulfillment of his destiny.

When his family becomes endangered by his new life, Kass’s full identity is revealed. His truth previously existed dormant inside of him, but Kass is now awakened. Following a visit to three doors of mystery, his true essence is discovered and a choice is made.

Danger and suspense build as more truths come to light, and Kass wonders if things will turn out better or worse. He still hides one secret, thought, and its admission will change everything.

"Wow, what a story!"Eric
"Really enjoyed this story and I hope that the author writes more!"five stars - Booktopia.com reviewDan
"...the tension builds ever so slowly...I enjoyed it a lot.This first novel from Mr. Schultz is impressive in a quiet way."4.5 stars - Amazon.com reviewMark - wordrefiner.com
"...very freaking satisfying."Nancy
"What a roller coaster! I was totally engrossed until the end!"Shona
"Helluva ride, man! Some high level kickass stuff.Just delicious writing." Andrew
"I got goosebumps." Courtney

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~BOOK 2~


Five fishermen—Max, Sherman, Calvin, Will, and John—set out on their thirteenth annual fishing trip together with no idea that their lives are about to be altered forever. Though each of them has his difficulties, they all look forward to camping together and are ready to have a fantastic time.

This year, however, something strange happens during their trip. On one of the islands close to where they choose to camp, they find an altar that holds a map and GPS coordinates. That discovery sets off a chain of events bringing them to the attention of an evil cult, whose members want to use the five men for their own purposes. After the trip, a strange new fate visits them one by one. Only with the help of a mysterious time traveller—Kassius Kanex—will the men be able to overcome trials of great suffering and despair and ultimately meet their destiny.

I really enjoyed this story!Reviewed in the United States on April 8, 2020The first book, Kassius Kanex, was a pretty wild ride with a secret organization that was set up to protect the world and bring justice to evil doers when the regular channels failed.This book dives deeply into the origins of The Organization and the ability of the leader to travel through time and teleport things also. I will not give any spoilers, but it’s hard this time.This book is interesting on multiple levels, it feels as if it came out of the golden age of science fiction, it is focused on men and masculinity. Women are not forgotten or left out in any sort of manner, they are treated with respect and honor.The story has a lot of action and some of the dialogue is very funny. Scene setting is done well without going overboard. The characters are quite easy to distinguish also.I was startled by some of the plot twists, and that was a lot of fun.I really enjoyed this story and its uniqueness. I award “The Fishing Trip: Kassius Kanex, Book 2” five stars!
5 stars Amazon.com reviewMark - wordrefiner.com

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