Dates and venues to be announced soon.

2022 November 19 - Book Signing at Chapters Kanata

Wow! What an amazing way to finish off the 2022 book tour. The reception and interest was amazing. This was my most successful book event to date and it was super fun to reveal the cover for my upcoming horror novel and to meet so many awesome new fans. Many copies of the Kassius Kanex trilogy made it into the hands of new readers. I am so excited to share my world. Thank you all and stay tuned for 2023. There is so much more to come.

2022 October 29 - Book Signing at Indigo Innes

What an event! Thank you to all who came by and especially to those who bought my books! Special thanks to Peter Roy and all the wonderful staff for welcoming me in their store and being an amazing host. I look forward to returning to this store again.

2022 September 17 - Book Signing at Coles Billings Bridge

I was so thrilled to meet so many new fans at this event. So many great converstations. Thank you to Clayton Raymond and staff for hosting this event.

2022 August 13 - Book Signing at Indigo Pinecrest

I had an amazing time at this event. I was thrilled to see my book adorned with the coveted "Staff Pick" sticker. Thank you Sam of Indigo Pinecrest!

2022 July 16 - Book Signing at Chapters Kanata

I was thrilled to meet some awesome new fans at this event. Thank you so much for coming out.

2022 June 18 - Book Signing at Coles Carlingwood

There was so much energy at this event that the power went out. Thanks to all who visited.

2022 May 21 - Book Signing at Chapters Kanata

I had so much fun at this event. Thank you to all who stopped by, making this my most successful signing to date. Special thanks to Morgan Lang for hosting.

2022 March 20 - Capital Authors Book Signing at Indigo Pinecrest

I had a blast with local authors Michelle Young and Ryan Fahey at Indigo Pinecrest on Sunday, March 20 from 1:00pm to 3:00pm.

2021 September 18

Chapters Kanata, Indigo Pinecrest, Coles Billings Bridge and Coles Carlingwood are now carrying the Kassius Kanex Trilogy!

2020 Feb. 29 - Book Signing at Chapters Kanata

  • My book signing at Chapters Kanata on February 29th, 2020 was a big success. Thanks to all for coming by to chat about writing. Once again, a huge thanks to all who came by.